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  file is encrypted or is not a databasePrasanth Ravi02011-07-10 23:57
  SQLite3 ICU extensionIbon Castilla02011-05-27 18:28
  sqlite3 gem does not install on solarisd c12010-08-26 03:47
  update silently fails on large databaseSterling Camden22010-08-20 15:24
  I need SQLite-ruby for Ruby 1.8.0, please !andy me52010-03-11 06:43
  Updating SQLite3 libsJustin Saunders02009-11-26 01:23
  Rails + sqlite2/3 - very slow data saving Gall Anonim02009-10-31 11:44
  cannot ceate databasePeter Chu02009-08-05 08:00
  gem ruby-sqlite3 install errorponto ponto32009-06-26 04:57
  .backup/.restoreEric Peterson02009-06-17 15:18
  gem Install - Choosing sqlite3 version bound?Chris Baker02009-05-24 14:48
  Unable to update sqlite3-rubyEric Peterson02009-05-19 15:31
  error w/ remove_column column type=referenceNoel Gomez02009-05-02 03:05
  I want to use sqlite but finding errorsAkshay Kumar02009-04-28 04:48
  Unable to build sqlite3 from gemAravind Elango22009-04-12 11:07
  help with array to sqlite3k h62009-03-20 05:03
  gem update to 1.2.4 fails on windowsScott Hoge12008-11-21 22:07
  Very slow insertsNeil Faiman42008-10-26 03:40
  type_translation doesn't work for count() Gavin Kistner22008-09-12 15:37
  Could not find table!!!!!!!Lawrence Holcomb12008-09-03 02:12
  compiling sqlite3-ruby on OpenSuse 11.0Craig Bell02008-09-02 04:59
  type translation broken on some type namesJoel VanderWerf02008-06-20 01:33
  ResultSet#to_a is not idempotentJoel VanderWerf02008-06-14 16:33
  warning message in ruby consoleRene Perrier22008-06-12 18:12
  core dumped on freebsd 7Jean-SéŽbastien Ney02008-04-09 23:34
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