Posted By: Aaron Patterson
Date: 2006-11-06 07:04
Summary: Ruby Mechanize 0.6.3 (Big Man)
Project: Mechanize

Ruby Mechanize 0.6.3 is ready for you.

= Mechanize Release Notes

== 0.6.3 (Big Man)

Mechanize 0.6.3 (Big Man) has a few bug fixes and some new features added to
the Form class. The Form class is now more hash like. I've added an
Form#add_field! method that will add a field to your form. Form#[]= will now
add a field if the key doesn't exist. For example, your form doesn't have
an input field named 'foo', the following 2 lines of code are equivalent, and
will create a field named 'foo':
form['foo'] = 'bar'
form.add_field!('foo', 'bar')
To make forms more hashlike, has_value?, and has_key? methods.

= Mechanize CHANGELOG

== 0.6.3

* Added keys and values methods to Form
* Added has_value? to Form
* Added a has_field? method to Form
* The add_field! method on Form now creates a field for you on the form.
Thanks to Mat Schaffer for the patch.
* Fixed a bug when form actions have html ecoded entities in them.
* Fixed a bug when links or frame sources have html encoded entities in the
href or src.
* Fixed a bug where '#' symbols are encoded

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