Class Win32::Ipc
In: ipc.rb
Parent: Object

This is a an abstract base class for IPC related classes, such as Events and Semaphores.


close   new   signaled?   wait   wait_all   wait_any  

Included Modules

Windows::Error Windows::Synchronize Windows::Handle

Classes and Modules

Class Win32::Ipc::Error


VERSION = '0.5.0'


handle  [R]  The HANDLE object (an unsigned long value). Mostly provided for subclasses to use internally when needed.

Public Class methods

Creates and returns a new IPC object. Since the IPC class is meant as an abstract base class, you should never call this method directly.

Public Instance methods

Closes the handle object provided in the constructor.

Returns whether or not the IPC object is in a signaled state.

Waits for the calling object to be signaled. The timeout value is the maximum time to wait, in seconds. A timeout of 0 returns immediately.

Returns SIGNALED (1), ABANDONED (-1) or TIMEOUT (0). Raises an IPC::Error if the wait fails for some reason.

Identical to IPC#wait_any, except that it waits for all ipc_objects to be signaled instead of just one.

Returns the index of the last object signaled. If at least one of the objects is an abandoned mutex, the return value is negative.

Waits for at least one of the ipc_objects to be signaled. The timeout value is maximum time to wait in seconds. A timeout of 0 returns immediately.

Returns the index+1 of the object that was signaled. If multiple objects are signaled, the one with the lowest index is returned. Returns 0 if no objects are signaled.