sys-cpu (MS Windows)

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A Ruby interface for gathering various bits of information about your CPU.


   require "sys/cpu"
   include Sys

   CPU.processors{ |cs|
      cs.members.each{ |m|
         puts "#{m}: " + cs[m].to_s

   puts "CPU Speed (Frequency): " + CPU.freq(0).to_s
   puts "Load avg: " + CPU.load_avg.to_s
   puts "Num CPU: " + CPU.num_cpu.to_s
   puts "Type: " + CPU.type
   puts "Model: " + CPU.model
   puts "Architecture: " + CPU.architecture



Returns the current version number for this package.

Class Methods


Returns the architecture of the cpu, e.g. x86 Family 15 Model 2

CPU.freq(cpu_num=0, host=localhost)

Returns an integer indicating the speed (i.e. frequency in Mhz) of 'cpu_num'. If cpu_num+1 is greater than the number of cpu's on your system, or this call fails for any other reason, a CPUError is raised.


Returns the load capacity of each processor, averaged to the last second. Processor loading refers to the total computing burden for each processor at one time.

Note that this attribute is actually the LoadPercentage. I may use one of the Win32_Perf

  • classes in the future.
  • CPU.model(host=localhost)

    Returns a string indicating the cpu model, e.g. Intel Pentium 4


    Returns an integer indicating the number of cpu's on the system.

    CPU.processors(host=localhost){ |cpu| … }

    Returns a CPUStruct for each CPU on the system containing the following members:
    • address_width
    • architecture
    • availability
    • caption
    • config_manager_error_code
    • config_manager_user_config
    • cpu_status
    • creation_class_name
    • freq
    • voltage
    • data_width
    • description
    • device_id
    • error_cleared?
    • error_description
    • ext_clock
    • family
    • install_date
    • l2_cache_size
    • l2_cache_speed
    • last_error_code
    • level
    • load_avg
    • manufacturer
    • max_clock_speed
    • name
    • other_family_description
    • pnp_device_id
    • power_management_supported?
    • power_management_capabilities
    • processor_id
    • processor_type
    • revision
    • role
    • socket_designation
    • status
    • status_info
    • stepping
    • system_creation_class_name
    • system_name
    • unique_id
    • upgrade_method
    • version
    • voltage_caps

    Note that not all of these members will necessarily be defined. See the NOTES section below.


    Returns a string indicating the type of processor, e.g. GenuineIntel.

    Exception Classes

    CPU::Error < StandardError

    Raised is response to internal function errors, most likely to be raised in the event that in invalid cpu number is provided for the 'freq' method.


    Some of the CPUStruct members may be nil. As far as I can tell, this means that Windows is unable to determine the value for the attribute due to your BIOS and/or BIOS settings. There is nothing clear in the documentation I could find for this, however.

    The 'family' attribute may contain the trademark symbol.

    The 'status_info' attribute was not converted to a string because the 'status' attribute already is a string. I'm not even sure why MS has both versions.

    The 'system_name' attribute appears to be the hostname. I have no idea why this is included as part of the CPU information, but there you go.

    See (and click on 'Win32_Processor' in the left frame) for a list of attributes and their meaning. Link courtesy of MS has a habit of moving their documentation around from time to time, so I cannot guarantee that link will be valid forever.

    Known Bugs

    No bugs known. Please log any bugs at

    Future Plans

    Add more detailed CPU usage information via the Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfOS_Processor class.


    (C) 2003-2007 Daniel J. Berger
    All Rights Reserved


    This package is provided "as is" and without any exblockquotess or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.




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