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A Ruby interface for retrieving protocol information.


   require "net/proto"
   include Net

   Proto.getprotobyname("tcp") # -> 6
   Proto.getprotobynumber(1)   # -> "icmp"

   # Block form
   Proto.getprotoent{ |p|
      puts p.aliases
      puts p.proto

   # Non-block form
   a = Proto.getprotoent



The current version number of this package, returned as a String.

Class Methods


Given a protocol string, returns the corresponding number, or nil if not found.


Given a protocol number, returns the corresponding string, or nil if not found.

Proto.getprotoent Proto.getprotoent{ |struct| … }

In block form, yields each entry from /etc/protocols as a struct of type Proto::ProtoStruct. In non-block form, returns an array of Proto::ProtoStruct objects.

The fields are 'name' (a String), 'aliases' (an Array of String's, though often only one element), and 'proto' (a Fixnum).

This method is NOT supported on MS Windows.


This module uses the reentrant (i.e. thread safe) functions on those platforms that support them. In some cases, e.g. FreeBSD and HP-UX, the standard function names are reentrant by default (i.e. there is no '_r' version, or it's not needed), so you will not see specific .c files for all platforms.

The 'setprotoent()' and 'endprotoent()' functions are not implemented as separate method calls. Rather, these are called internally by the various methods, except on Windows, which does not support them.

The 'getprotoent()' method is not supported on the MS Windows platform. It's not part of the API as of Windows XP.

Known Bugs

None that I'm aware of. Please log any bug reports on the project page at

Future Plans

Use the asynchronous calls (WSAAsyncGetProtoByName and WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber) on MS Windows systems.


(C) 2003-2006 Daniel J. Berger
All rights reserved.


This package is provided "as is" and without any exblockquotess or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.




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