Running RubyForge takes time, effort, and money. Many thanks to the folks listed below who are making it possible!

If RubyForge has been helpful to you, and you want to give something back to the Ruby community, please consider supporting Ruby Central. Thanks!

Sun Microsystems (thanks to efforts of Tim Bray) donated the current hardware.

Defender Hosting provides free bandwidth for the main server.

InfoEther, Inc purchased the first two rounds of hardware and provides system administration support.

The GForge Group wrote the "GForge" product.

Matthew Bloch (Bytemark) provides our file mirror

Kurt Dresner made the favicon.

Bruce Williams made the RubyForge default theme.

Gregory Brown monitors the support forum.

Ben Bleything decides which news items get promoted to the front page.

Several folks have in the past provided file and RubyGem mirrors to help share the bandwidth load: